At the same time this can help reduce sickness absence, improve staff retention and staff turnover whilst help to improve staff morale.

Supporting the psychological wellbeing of employees can potentially be viewed as part of the employers duty of care to promote a stress free environment. This in compliance with Government legislation.

Growing research in this area demonstrates the importance to mental health and wellbeing in relation to work performance and effectiveness. Many studies have shown where employers have offered counselling support to their employees it has a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.

Employees can carry out their work duties whilst at the same time explore ways in which they can manage their personal and or work situation as often one will impact the other. 

Other benefits include reduced costs that are associated with illness and absenteeism, cost of sick pay will be reduced, cover and recruitment of staff will be minimal.

If employees are happier in the workplace then they will less likely to seek alternate employment opportunities.

Relationships in the workplace will improve, along with compliance with their duties, therefore change can be accepted more readily where employers will see an increase in work performance and decision making.