Self-care apps to try in 2020


Self-care apps to try in 2020

Plug in and chill out

Mental health has become more than simply a buzzword in tech, it’s a huge money-spinner. Global investment in mental-health tech reached £580 million last year and success from self-help apps has demonstrated there’s a real appetite for such apps.

Yet how do you find the one that works for you? Here’s how to choose your app-based journey to some essential [email protected]

The journaling one:


Reflectly uses AI to help you structure your thoughts (Reflectly)Journaling is well known as a handy tool to manage mental health as it can help prevent anxiety and reduce stress. Reflectly bills itself as the world’s first intelligent journal, using AI to help you structure your thoughts.

The coaching one:


Give it a rest: how to switch off in 2020Freelancing or launching your own business? Paradym calls itself an emotional coaching app that will help you live a balanced, fulfilled life alongside work demands.

Topics covered include self-awareness and introversion. Record daily thoughts and improve your own self-knowledge through guided content and exercises. It’s currently still in beta mode, but the start-up recently raised £430,000 on Crowdcube to take the app to the next level.

The health one: Evergreen Life

Evergreen Life aims to help people understand how their health and fitness can improve their overall well-being. The app’s wellness score brings together information about happiness, fitness, food and health records to paint an overall picture before offering ways to set and manage targets.
It’s also the only wellness app connected to the NHS — so you can book appointments or contact your GP easily, so no need to wait on hold for ages to speak to a receptionist, which should go some way to reducing your blood pressure.

Free, evergreen-life.co.uk

The mood tracking one: Tangerine

Tangerine helps people achieve personal goals with its habit and mood-tracking features (Tangerine)Habit and mood-tracking app Tangerine helps users organise effectively to achieve personal goals. People feel better when they have an organised routine, which is where Tangerine comes in. Select the types of activities you want to do to improve your overall well-being, from taking yoga classes to drinking more water to meditating at the end of the day.

Tangerine collates this into a beautifully designed app to make it easy to track completion and productive streaks while combining it with mood tracking to demonstrate the activities and habits that make you happier.

£4.99 a month,


Make Your Selection

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